All the Pet Grooming Services You Will Ever Need

mobile-dog-groomerWhen you need a pet groomer in the Sanford, NC area, forget about all of those shops that require you to lug your pet all the way to their location. We, at Lisa's Tender Touch, bring our services to you. That’s right, I provide completely mobile pet grooming services. I have been in business for over 20 years translating my passion for pets of all shapes and sizes into a successful business. I love caring for pets, and I treat each and every pet with the same care that I would if they were my own. You can feel completely safe when I am grooming your pet. For your convenience I offer the following grooming services:

Mobile Pet Grooming – This is a complete experience. I have a trailer that is completely heated and air conditioned with running water. Your pet is never caged. There is no unneeded stress or restraints. I am always steps away for their comfort and care. Once you experience my mobile grooming, you will never consider another option again.

Cat Grooming – Cats like to be pampered but can also be moody. I understand this and I am very patient and understanding. Every pet is different and I take the time to get to know your pet while building trust. This creates a better result for everyone involved. I always hand-dry your pet and carefully comb their hair. I have cute bandanas and bows that can always be added at your request.

Dog Haircut – Your dog always looks better with a new haircut. I also include dog clipping with my portable pet groomers service. No matter how large or small your dog is, I am able to handle all of their grooming needs.

Mobile pet grooming is convenient and less stressful for your four-legged friend. When you can have home grooming why consider anything else? I am always available Monday to Friday and on Saturdays by appointment. Give me a call today at (919) 424-0376 to schedule an appointment.