What Makes a Pet Groomer so Important?

Besides choosing quality pet food for your dog and cat, you will need to take care of its grooming in order to help it stay healthy and good-looking. In our post today, we will give you more information about the key aspects of grooming. We hope that reading the following information will help you better understand the importance of regularly visiting a cat or a dog groomer.

  • Keep ears healthy. Dirt can accumulate in your pet’s ears and may lead to infection. Your pet groomer will make sure that your pet’s ears are clean and healthy. The average interval which is needed between two visits to a professional groomer is 1-2 months.

  • Promote a healthy coat. Regular grooming cuts down on hairballs. Regular brushing and bathing reduces the shedding of fur around the house, mainly on your furniture and clothes.

  • Maintain cleanliness. Grooming keeps dirt and dander to a minimum. If your pet is looking clean and smelling nice, it will be a much more pleasant experience to cuddle it. Just imagine the sight of a really big dog covered in mud after a long walk in the forest: it’s definitely not a nice picture to look at, and cuddling will be definitely the last thing on your mind.


Maintaining your dog or cat well groomed and cleaned will not only protect its health but also the health of your family. A professional cat or dog groomer can do miracles for your pet, so do not hesitate to visit the one that has been recommended to you. Those of you who reside in Sanford, NC can take advantage of the expert services which the pet groomer of Lisa's Tender Touch offers. In order to book an appointment for your four-legged friend, you just have to dial (919) 424-0376 and tell us when the most convenient time for you is to bring your pet! Call now, and check our special fall rates!