Why Use a Mobile Groomer?

A mobile groomer is someone that brings their pet grooming services to their client’s door. They will have their own bathes, brushes, and clippers in their specially outfitted van, which they will park at their client’s home or business. The groomer could work with dogs and cats, or may only specialize in one. They could groom the family pet, or a dog or a cat for a show, all depending on their clients’ wishes. Some mobile groomers could work with other animals also.

A mobile groomer could work in traditional grooming salons, or start their career as a mobile pet groomer. Like most pet groomers, a mobile one will have to have some form of training, in order to obtain certification. They can go to professional grooming schools, or start out as apprentices to learn the ropes. Most are self-employed, having their own business or bought into a franchise. Those buying into a franchise could receive their training via the franchise company.

During the course of a typical work day, the groomer will get wet and extremely dirty. Getting bitten or scratched is a foregone conclusion. They are also exposed to ticks, fleas, and other such nasty pests. Having a love of animals is crucial in this job. Plus, having some basic knowledge on pet first aid, and knowing when a pet may require vet care is also a requirement for this job.

Like anyone that works with animals, mobile groomers must have patience so they can handle frightened or untrained animals. Strength and fitness are also important, as there will be some heavy lifting involved. Manual dexterity helps when cutting fur or nails. Having a good understanding of the various dog and cat breeds is essential too.

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