Why You Need a Cat Groomer

You may not know but cats groom themselves regularly. However, there are still things that are needed to be done such as occasional bathing, nail trimming and making sure that they’re free from any threats of parasites and diseases. Remember that a clean cat is a happy cat, and Lisa's Tender Touch is here to help! I am a reputable dog and cat groomer that offers top-notch mobile pet grooming services for every dog and cat lovers in our local community.

Regular grooming sessions help your pet cat to learn to relax. Bathing or clipping the nails of a nervous cat could be very hefty. For that reason, regular grooming is needed. Grooming cats on a regular basis also help you to combat pollen allergies and also ragweed allergies in cats. Pets that play outside attract such allergies to a large extent. These kinds of allergens get deposited in different parts of your home, like the floor, sofa, and the carpet. So, along with grooming, if you regularly clean your house, then the chances of such allergies reduces.

In business for more than 20 years as dog and cat groomer, I’ve been providing affordable dog and cat grooming services to the dog and cat-loving community of Sanford, NC. Over the years, I’ve already earned a good reputation among my loyal clients. I am renowned for my exceptional professionalism and commitment when it comes to delivering the highest quality of services to my valued clients.

With Lisa's Tender Touch, rest assured that I only use high-quality products and safe tools in grooming your cat to ensure their safety. If you opt me as your cat groomer, you will have the peace of mind that your dear furry friend is in good hands.

Looking for a reliable cat groomer in Sanford, NC? Look no further! Lisa's Tender Touch offers a full range of pet grooming services at a price that will not cost you a bank. I will come to your residence and groom your little ones at your own convenience.

So, keep your cats look as majestic as they already are and opt for my services! What are you waiting for? Visit my shop in Sanford, NC or call at (919) 424-0376 for more details.